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Empowered Creators” is your roadmap to music success in the digital age. Discover expert insights and practical tips to thrive in the ever-changing music industry. 🎵💡
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Discover “Empowered Creators,” the ultimate guide for artists and musicians to thrive in the digital age. It covers everything you need to succeed in the music industry. Maximize your career with online presence, distribution, production, live streaming, collaboration, crowdfunding, and networking.

Let your creativity shine! This guide offers practical tips, expert insights, and a step-by-step roadmap for success in the competitive and ever-changing music landscape. Navigate the industry with confidence and creativity! 🎵💡 #MusicSuccess #DigitalAge

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Meet The Founder

“I would like to thank all the readers for their interest and support and encourage everyone to stay informed, stay inspired, and never stop pursuing their passion for music.” – Precious Obimdi.

Meet Precious Obimdi, an accomplished music industry professional and entrepreneur with a remarkable journey in the global music scene. As the founder of Mush Music Services, Precious is committed to empowering musicians and artists, providing them with the essential tools for success in the digital age.

Alongside his dedication to the music industry, Precious is also the visionary founder of WayPlus Creative Solutions, a digital agency featured on FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC, and more. With a focus on helping brands and businesses navigate their digital pathways effectively, WayPlus Creative Solutions has earned recognition for its innovative strategies and impactful campaigns.

Precious’ musical journey has been adorned with impressive collaborations, including renowned artists like Grammy Award-winning duo Mary Mary, MOBO Award winner YolanDa Brown OBE, GMA Dove Award winner Sinach, and Grammy Award-winning engineer John Jazcz, among others.

His musical prowess has taken him to prestigious stages worldwide, such as the Royal Festival Hall in London, Blue Note Milano in Italy, Bird’s Basement in Melbourne, Australia, Beguine Festival in St Martinique, Symphony Hall in Birmingham, UK, The Jazz Café in London, UK, Moods Jazz Club in Zurich, Switzerland, and many more.

Drawing from his vast experience in the music industry and his expertise in digital marketing and technologies, Precious possesses a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities that musicians and artists face in today’s rapidly evolving landscape.

Passionate about music from an early age, Precious’s unwavering commitment drives a platform supporting fellow creatives.

Through Mush Music Services, he offers tailored solutions: music production, consultation, marketing, and commercial work. He empowers musicians with workshops and seminars, fostering industry success.

Continuously expanding Mush Music Services, Precious strives to equip creatives with resources, knowledge, and support for thriving careers.

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